Meet The Artist

Hi, my name is Megan! I am the artist behind modbymae, based out of Southern Alberta, Canada. 


Soft tones, gentle subjects and painting from my soul, its a form of therapy!

You will notice the majority of my art is gentle, delicate and minimalistic- just like me! As an introvert, I do not gravitate towards loud and bright "things".  I appreciate soft muted colours and quiet spaces. That's what is so special about art- it is such a vulnerable representation of yourself, experiences and emotions!

I am in a season of painting mostly botanicals, which is heavily inspired by both of my grandmothers, to which florals were their main subjects. It just felt natural to start there. As I grow and evolve I’m sure my subjects will reflect that as well! 


I grew up on a farm in Central Alberta Canada where I spend an abundant amount of time with my grandmothers, who are both watercolorists! 

I was always so excited to dig through my grandma Mary Anne's closet and grab the paper, pencils and drawing books. All of the grandchildren would huddle around the dining room and practice drawing subjects.  

Grandma Elsie lived in town and she had an entire art room in the basement devoted to sewing, crafts, and painting. My sister and I spent so much time in that room exploring. She was and still is an incredible artist, putting on her own art shows to this day! 

The ironic thing is, neither one of them taught me how to paint with watercolour. That's right, I'm a self taught artist!

I am celebrating my 9th year as a licensed practical nurse in Rural Medicine. From day one, I always new something was missing. I always told my husband, I know God has something else planned for me. Nursing caused me sooo much anxiety for the first 5 years of my career. It was a huge learning curve for a highly sensitive, anxious introvert. (it still is some days) You realize how underappreciated you are in your profession and you truly are just a number. Not only that, but I had no creative outlet. In 2019, I started to deeply crave working for myself and build something where I could express what was on my heart. Sure, being a part of saving someone's life is rewarding but it isn't the same as being absolutely vulnerable through your art and seeing people love it too. Putting your heart and soul into something and feeling appreciated and experiencing connection. Wow, that's something incredible. And it all happens through art!

My husband bought me my first set of watercolour paints for Christmas one year and I haven't been able to put them down since. However, as my business grows I'm finding I spend a lot less time painting and more time on my computer lol 


With me, things are never simple! Everything needs to have deep meaning and be sentimental. So when I was deciding on what to name my art biz, it needed to have heart behind it. 

mod- modern millennial ( I always make comments about being a millennial and proud of it might I add!)

mae- Combination of my my own and grandmother's initials.

modbymae is about being inspired by your past experiences and upbringing then adapting it into something modern, current and absolutely YOU. My business is heavily inspired and dedicated to both of my grandmothers. When you combine something old with the new you create something truly unique. 

Thank you Grandma Elsie and Grandma Mary Anne!  

and Thank YOU so much, from the bottom of my heart, for being here.