Write Thoughtful and Intentional Birthday Messages

Let's face it, it can be hard to think of what to include in a birthday card message. We have all been there, googling "what to write in a birthday card". Which ends up writing a cheesy message that feels generic. Let's change this! These card prompts will inspire you to write thoughtful and intentional birthday messages! Keep scrolling for birthday card prompts. These birthday message inspirations are sure to help you write more thoughtful messages!


1. Share three memories you have with that person
2. Moment of gratitude- express what makes you grateful for your friendship or that person in particular!
3. Thank them for something they did for you over the past year! Did they pick up a shift for you? Take you out for dinner? Cook you meals when you had Covid?

Other ideas:

- what you look forward to in their “30th year”
- how they have challenged you or helped you grow
- what you want to do together in their “35th year”


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